Collin O’Brien to Become Permanent Member of Cycles

The secret’s out…Collin is here to stay! We love our brother Michael Wood to death and cannot wait to see where life takes him. 

Read the full statement from Collin below:

“Life is pretty crazy sometimes. I was planning on moving to Denver this year and Michael and I found a great place, we signed a lease and I started packing my bags in Chicago. A week or two before I got in my car I get a call from Mike and he asks if I would have any interest playing in Cycles…

I sort of have a long history with the band, Patty and I met my second year in Chicago and started a band that turned into my band, Low Spark. We’ve always been close friends and have had a strong musical connection from the start. I met Michael years ago when Phish was in town and we immediately started nerding out about drums, music, our aspirations and kept in touch over the years. We always tried to link up shows together and sent each other new music or drumming exercises we were working on from time to time.

I have an IMMENSE amount of respect for these guys and the work they put into get the band off the ground and to the level it’s at now. I remember on their first tour we linked up in Chicago, and in preliminary talks I asked Mike how the name was spelled, he said “Either Cycles or Psycles… I think we’ll go with Cycles”

It’s been so wild to see these guys progress and work their asses off over the years. When Mike told me he needed time to focus on other aspects of his life and get off the constant tour schedule; I was surprised to say the least. That quickly turned into a very real understanding, it takes a very strong willed person to take charge and change their situation when they know deep down it’s the healthiest thing for them.

The night I moved in to our house we talked for hours, about everything. His decision, the transition, is coming from a place of love, and I honestly wouldn’t agree to anything otherwise. Before the first show he gave me a big hug and said “Crush it bud”

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