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Is Megaseats Legit: A ‘As It Is’ Megaseats Review

The digital technology has changed the way people perform their routine tasks, one of them being buying theater tickets. Instead of traveling far to the theater venue and lengthening the queue to buy tickets for your favorite artist show, you now can do so at any time using the Internet.
One of the pros of using an online ticketing portal is to get the desired seat or reservation without any queue or delays. This is something you can expect from portals such as Megaseats.
Finding the best deal on live event tickets can be overwhelming due to several platforms out there. Thus, it is worth knowing about the popular portals by going through their reviews. This is the main purpose of this Megaseats review post.
Megaseats is making it easy to buy cheaper theater tickets with its simple interface. Well, that’s not the only purpose behind the introduction of Megaseats. Several ticket portals charge fees for purchasing tickets whose prices are likely to differ on each of them. This has been criticized greatly.
To get rid of charging an extra fee, Megaseats was launched. Still being a digital platform, it is common for many of us to ask, “Is Megaseats legit?” or “Is Megaseats safe?” To find an answer to these questions is another purpose of this Megaseats review post.

What is Megaseats?

Megaseats is an ancillary ticketing portal, also a resale marketplace (not a ticket seller), through which its customers can reserve seats in the resale market. This ticketing platform was introduced to transform the conventional way of buying tickets into a more efficient one. It offers a seamless, hassle-free way of securing tickets of live events.
The platform typically sells tickets for big events for which thousands of people are likely to attend. You can expect to get tickets for live shows, sports, and concerts. If you wish to conduct a mega event belonging to any of these groups, this portal has got you covered. It is just a matter of contacting customer support.
Unlike its competitors, Megaseats reveals the full price of a chosen ticket type to customers before checking out. This means you pay what you see, eliminating the risk of paying more for a ticket than its cost.
The portal is similar to other verified resellers as it reveals, “All tickets sold by are backed by 100% guarantee. Your tickets will be valid for entry and will arrive before the event. A full refund will be given if the event is canceled.”

How Does Megaseats Work?

If you feel like trying Megaseats, you will be happy to know that it is a user-friendly portal. In other words, to ensure ease of use, it has a user-friendly interface. Further, you are likely to find all the required details on the site without making any kind of guesses.
It takes only a few clicks to purchase tickets from this portal. Interestingly, there is no need to create an account. You only have to search through the myriad of events and choose the one you wish to join.
The website has an intuitive search function to find the desired event easily. Alternatively, you can quickly search by clicking a category such as sports, concerts, and theater on its menu bar. The website then reveals all important information about the chosen event along with the tickets for the available seats and their prices.
After choosing the event, you only need to click Get Tickets existing at the bottom of the event name for each event. This opens a ticket buy page where you can choose the sitting area. Here, clicking the mobile icon will help you in delivering mobile tickets.
Now, click Buy corresponding to the chosen sitting area. This opens a checkout page where you specify the number of tickets required and state payment information for finalizing the transaction. Here, you can see that there are no additional fees charged, which is the most commendable benefit.
A couple of Megaseats reviews have revealed that you may have to wait for some seconds to view all the events. However, this is fine, considering that the website is smooth and convenient to use. Most Megaseats reviews are not only positive, but they describe a beneficial experience with this website.
Some reviews have also reported of unable to buy tickets. However, this is mainly due to the technical problems, which are likely due to the location from where you are buying tickets.
According to the feedback from several Megaseats customers, purchased tickets are shipped within four days from the date of booking. If a specific shipping date is stated on the ticket, the ticket will reach by that date.
In case you wish to buy tickets at the last minute, you can do so using Megaseats. It has dedicated delivery routes for the same so that you can make a preferred choice while checking out.

What Are Megaseats Fees?

This is the aspect where Megaseats excel and is likely to provide you relief after being anxious about, is Megaseats reliable. The biggest and most commendable benefit of Megaseats is that you remain worry-free about fees. The price you spot in the list on the portal is what you see at the checkout.
This transparency is just not common when it comes to selling tickets online. Several other platforms having the same business profile tend to charge a fee for covering processing and delivery expenses.
However, the customers of Megaseats enjoy the fee-free policy. The website does not charge shipping or service fees at all. It is only the ticket price that you pay.
This is perhaps the reason why several Megaseats reviews swear by cheaper prices. So, is Megaseats safe when it comes to paying the right price? Absolutely, without any second opinion!
Shipping charges are not there, as the tickets you get are in a digital format. Once you enter the email ID and make payment, your tickets are sent digitally (email) within a few minutes.

Are There Megaseats Discounts?

Yes! There are discounts! You get not only fee-free tickets but also more affordable tickets with promo and discount codes. Right now, LEGITTICKET code will give you 15% off on any ticket purchase. It is a 15% OFF promo code for Megaseats tickets.
You can easily find a Megaseats coupon code on other websites that promote this platform. Usually, Megaseats ads will have a promo code to share. For accessing it and getting the revealed discount, just click the ad and follow the instructions. Well, it is rare to find such codes on the official website itself.
However, you may get promo codes in your email after purchasing from Megaseats. Although such discounts are uncommon, customers like them to have for saving significantly on their ticket costs.
Even loyal customers tend to obtain discounts for frequent or next purchases, but this happens occasionally. This means you cannot expect it to come your way for every next purchase on Megaseats, but they are special surprises to have at any point in time.
Regarding the percentage of these discounts, many Megaseats reviews have said that it can be anywhere from 10% to 20% off. This can either be on the total price of your order or on a ticket price. The percentage value tends to differ as per the ticket type and the number of tickets purchased.
It would not be wrong to conclude that more discounts are on your way if you tend to buy tickets frequently from Megaseats.
Apart from discounts, you can earn by participating in Megaseats referral program. Through it, you can earn 10% of the purchase amount of the one you have referred. The one whom you refer to also gets 10% off on the first purchase.

Megaseats Refund

Check out any Megaseats review by a critic, and you will find that this company does provide refunds. This is a good indicator of reliability, as there is no telling when would you have to cancel your tickets. The pandemic and war situations have taught this to all of us!
The refund policy is stated in the company’s privacy policy. According to it, there are no returns, exchanges, or cancellations. However, the buyer of the ticket will get a notification as soon as possible when the event gets canceled. This is likely to happen through an email.
This is when the buyer will be offered two options, namely, a credit voucher or a full refund if the event is not rescheduled or will still hold but is closed as of now to the public. If an event is cancelled, a full refund is what you get for the delivered tickets. If an event is rescheduled and the bought tickets are valid for the rescheduled event, no refund is granted.
If you opt for a credit voucher, you get 120% back, meaning the voucher is valued at 120% of the total order cost, according to many online reviews. This means you end up getting extra money.
The voucher is valid only for 365 days from the date of issue and is usable for future event bookings. To obtain the credit voucher, customer support will email you regarding how to claim it and what is the credit voucher amount.
Another option is to go for a full refund of the booking. So, is Megaseats reliable? Yes, from a refund perspective, right? Moreover, Megaseats can notify you when the event is rescheduled.
What if you change your plan? What if you cannot attend the booked event? Well, unfortunately, just Megaseats will be unable to refund your money or offer a credit voucher.

Megaseats Customer Service

It is genuine and satisfactory, according to many online Megaseats reviews. Unlike other ticket resellers, Megaseats offers its customer services only through email; there is no contact number or chat option available as of now.
You are assigned a dedicated representative who communicates with you in some time, not in some hours. It is vital to know that customer service is meant only for website queries or business inquiries.
For any queries regarding the event, tickets, performer, or venue, you need to contact the venue directly. Remember, Megaseats is an intermediary providing you tickets that its staff buys from the venue and directly emails you after you purchase. It does not buy them in bulk.
Thus, any inquiry regarding events, tickets, venues, or performers should be made at the venue. You can even enquire by contacting the event organizer for which you need to do some search. Usually, it is easier to contact an organizer than a venue representative.

Megaseats App

Megaseats has a simple mobile app for both Android and iOS users. It is just like any other solid ticket buying application with useful features, including push notifications. Both versions have the same features as the official website. Even the official website has a responsive design.
Right now, ordering through the Megaseats app gets you 20% off!

Is Megaseats Scam? Is Megaseats Legitimate?

After reading so much about this company, you may not feel it to be unreliable. It appears that Megaseats is a legit portal for buying online tickets.
However, it is also true that you may have come across negative reviews or complaints about Megaseats. Well, no company or its digital platform is perfect. Thus, you are likely to find negative reviews or complaints.
However, their presence does not mean that Megaseats is a scam. This website is legit from all possible aspects. All the monetary transactions on the website and app are secure. Even the tickets are real, as disclosed in the privacy policy and many critics as well as customer reviews.
You get the same tickets that you have booked and you pay the same price that you see. There are hardly any delivery charges. If they are, they are revealed on the checkout page. This itself indicates that the company is transparent in its dealings.
For any doubts, you can always contact its customer service by adhering to the instructions posted on the website. You can even go through its FAQs section to find the answers to your questions. Moreover, even the policy page is in detail to give you enough information about its working and dealings.


Is Megaseats scam? No! Is Megaseats legitimate? Yes! Is Megaseats trustworthy? Yes! Is Megaseats safe? Yes! Is Megaseats reliable? Yes! Certainly, Megaseats is one of the authentic portals when it comes to buying event tickets online.